Friday, September 30, 2011

Library Thing- HS style...

I was introduced to Library Thing a few years ago, and while I don’t visit often, I love the idea of using this community “board” to write and read book reviews by students and staff.  Ithaca High School, in Ithaca, NY has a link on their media page to their school’s Library Thing page.  Once you pull up their school’s page, you can view a number of titles with information about the book, reviews from others, titles by the same author, and more.  It is student-driven, which I love; so the books that are read and admired by students make the cut.  There are tags on each page with words or phrases to describe/search for the title, as well as “similar” titles for students to choose from.  At the bottom of the title’s page, you can even read the Amazon review for further information.  Students have the option to rate books, comment and review; it seems very interactive.  One question/dislike I found was that there were only 27 titles posted, however a solution to that is a quick drop down list they have available for students to find books in a category, such as horror or comedy.  Overall, a great possibility for a school library web tool; I plan on recommending it to our media specialist on Monday!

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  1. That is such a cool way of doing reviews! It's great that it's student driven. It would be great if the teachers made this a part of reading AR or RC books. By making it part of the assignment, they would get a larger number of reviews.